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16 Agustus 2008

“Swift boat” author turns to Obama with bestseller

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By Michelle Nichols Fri Aug 15, 1:27 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The author who put Democratic Sen. John Kerry on the defensive over his military record during his 2004 presidential run has turned his attention to 2008 White House hopeful Barack Obama with a new bestseller.

“The Obama Nation” tops The New York Times bestseller list amid accusations that some of author Jerome Corsi’s assertions are lies designed to damage Obama politically.

Corsi co-wrote “Unfit for Command,” which questioned accounts of an attack on Kerry’s boat during the Vietnam War, and his actions in the subsequent skirmish for which he received a Silver Star medal. The book sparked a political attack on Kerry.

In “The Obama Nation,” which Corsi says is a play on the word abomination, the author questions whether Obama could still be using marijuana and cocaine and insinuates Obama is Muslim despite the candidate’s insistence he is a Christian.

Obama’s campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement the book is nothing more than “a series of lies that were long ago discredited.”

“The reality is that there are many lie-filled books like this in the works, cobbled together from the Internet to make money off of a presidential campaign. We will respond to these smears forcefully with all means necessary,” Vietor said.

Corsi told Reuters “The Obama Nation” is his bid to stop the Democratic senator from winning the White House on November 4. But he insists he does not support Republican candidate U.S. Sen. John McCain and instead backs the Constitution Party.

“I have pointed out many lies,” Corsi said. “I’m saying there’s been this fictionalized … life story put out by Obama in his autobiography that has been magnified … during the campaign and the truth is dramatically different in many instances from what Obama represents.”


Britain‘s The Independent newspaper said the book “smells like a Republican hit job,” while the Washington Post said it “is rife with inaccuracies and innuendo.”

“If the fundamental smear of ‘Unfit for Command’ was that John Kerry was no war hero, the insinuation of Mr. Corsi’s latest is that Mr. Obama is a closet Muslim and militant, black activist drug-user,” the Post said in an editorial on Friday.

Brian Darling, director of Senate Relations at Washington conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, said Corsi’s book serves an important role in helping educate the American people about Obama.

“It will spur debate and I think Sen. Obama should get used to a very critical examination of his history and his tenure in the (U.S.) Senate … the same thing is also going to happen to Sen. McCain,” Darling said.

Media Matters, a nonprofit Web site run by former conservative journalist David Brock, has deemed Corsi’s book “unfit for publication.”

“Just as ‘Unfit for Command’ contains false attacks on Sen. John Kerry‘s military service … ‘The Obama Nation’ similarly contains numerous falsehoods about Sen. Barack Obama,” the group wrote on its Web site, www.mediamatters.org, where it lists inaccuracies in the book.

The New York Times reported that “several of the book’s accusations are unsubstantiated, misleading or inaccurate,” including claims that Obama had “yet to answer” whether he had stopped using marijuana and cocaine.

In his memoir, Obama said he “stopped getting high” in the early 1980s.

“The Obama Nation” is published by Simon & Schuster imprint Threshold Editions, which is run by Mary Matalin, a former aide to Republican President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The New York Times has pointed out on its bestseller list that “The Obama Nation” has been a popular bulk buy. Some Obama defenders have questioned whether conservative groups bought it in bulk to inflate sales — a claim Corsi denies.


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  1. Obama kelihatannya tidak hanya melankah mulus ke gedung putih, tetapi juga menjadi pemimpin yang memang punya pengaruh. Ia punya modal kecerdasan intelektual dan kecerdasan emosional yang kuat. Obama ternyata tidak hanya figure, tetapi jug atokoh muda terkemuka saat ini.

    Komentar oleh Book Hunger — 17 Agustus 2008 @ 08:49 | Balas

  2. Los Angeles Times Fri, 15 Aug 2008 11:12 PM PDT
    The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has decried the practice and vowed to reform convention funding, but the Denver Host Committee was facing a budget shortfall. Facing a large deficit in the Democratic National Convention budget, officials from Barack Obama’s campaign have begun personally soliciting labor unions and others for contributions of up to $1 million. In exchange, …

    Komentar oleh Yahoo! Alert — 17 Agustus 2008 @ 08:51 | Balas

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    Komentar oleh Listiana — 17 Agustus 2008 @ 08:59 | Balas

  4. ‘Advisor’ doesn’t believe Barack Obama will choose a woman for vice president
    Los Angeles Times Sun, 17 Aug 2008 0:12 AM PDT
    Also: Karl Rove says same-sex marriage isn’t as big an issue as it was in the 2004 election; Oprah Winfrey plans to lie low at the Democratic National Convention. We knew Barack Obama would have trouble winning over Hillary Rodham Clinton loyalists in places like Columbus, Ohio, and Morgantown, W.Va., and the middle of Pennsylvania where, according to Obama, all those bitter, small-town gun …

    Komentar oleh Yahoo! Alerts — 17 Agustus 2008 @ 22:12 | Balas

  5. Psst! Barack Obama will text you his veep details
    CNET via Yahoo! News Sun, 10 Aug 2008 9:09 PM PDT
    In one of his recent–and subsequently parodied–attack ads on U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, Republican John McCain accused his rival of being too much of a celebrity and not enough of a political leader.

    Komentar oleh Yahoo! Alerts — 18 Agustus 2008 @ 00:05 | Balas

  6. Saat ini banyak yang memuja Obama. Banyak yang menggantungkan harapan padanya. Banyak yang mengira bahwa jika kelak Obama menjadi Presiden Amerika, dia akan membuat Amerika lebih bersahabat dengan dunia.

    Komentar oleh Zahra Book Store — 18 Agustus 2008 @ 00:12 | Balas

  7. Tapi, benarkah itu? Apakah kita telah benar-benar mengenal Obama? Siapa sebenarnya dia dan apa yang akan dia lakukan bila menjadi presiden Amerika? Buku Mau Kemana Obama, Karangan David Olive, menghadirkan pikiran-pikiran Obama sendiri, yang dengannya kita bisa membaca langkah-langkah Obama ke depan bila menjadi presiden Amerika

    Komentar oleh Zahra Book Store — 18 Agustus 2008 @ 00:17 | Balas

  8. Roanoke Times Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:43 PM PDT
    The candidate made stops in Martinsville and Lynchburg on Wednesday. MARTINSVILLE — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama began a two-day Virginia campaign swing Tuesday in a community with the state’s highest unemployment rate, telling a Martinsville audience that he will take aggressive steps to improve the plight of economically-distressed communities that are reeling from plant …

    Komentar oleh Yahoo! Alerts — 22 Agustus 2008 @ 18:20 | Balas

  9. 26 Agustus, 2008 – Published 10:35 GMT* Warga Demokrat puji Barack Obama *Partai Demokrat AS memulai konvensi di Denver dengan pernyataan dukungan untuk Capres Obama dari istrinya dan senator Edward Kennedy.

    Komentar oleh BBC Indonesia — 27 Agustus 2008 @ 08:17 | Balas

  10. Barack Obama raises the funding roof Los Angeles Times Mon, 15 Sep 2008 0:13 AM PDT His haul of $66 million in August bests John McCain and puts the Democrat well ahead of the record for total fundraising. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama raised a record $66 million in August, his highest monthly figure and almost $20 million more than Republican rival John McCain

    Komentar oleh Yahoo! Alerts — 15 September 2008 @ 23:44 | Balas

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